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today i ate a muffuletta.
there might be a lesbian joke in there somewhere. anyway, what's a muffuletta you may ask? it's only THE BEST sandwich in the world. the bread! the salt! the olives! the salami!

i'm dying. i can't even talk about it, so here is my journey eating the muffuletta, in pictures:

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OMG, where did you get that (I mean, other than NoLA)?? Muffuletta sandwiches are my fave, and I've never had a real one from New Orleans.. I want one.

oh i forgot to mention that my coworker went to new orleans and brought us back one and shared it with everyone. i guess that was important information that i should have included in this blog post.

Was the penny in picture #2 for scale?

Looks yummy

yes. i always put a penny in my sandwich pictures. i want you to feel like you are really there.

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