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these are the things i have done recently.

  1. i rode around the city on a trolley, while drinking champagne and wine and other things. and eating almonds.

  2. i danced with a boy to the song "i wish (i was a little bit taller)" by skee-lo. i remembered all the words, even though the song came out when i was a junior in high school. a scrillion years ago.

  3. i ate a big mac! i think it might have made me gain 4 pounds overnight, but i wouldn't swear to it.

  4. i taught myself to play several katy perry songs, one bruno mars song, and one lady gaga song on the piano. by ear. it was embarrassing.

  5. i ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill in my gorilla shoes. i was supposed to run 3 miles, but i was getting a blister on the bottom of my foot and just couldn't hang anymore. if i had different shoes on, i totally could've done 3 miles.

  6. baked muffins. then ate some. that's what she said.

  7. i won a $10 itunes gift card because i knew how many hills are in san francisco. (43)

  8. i ate at burger bar, and had a fancy tiny milkshake.

  9. i bought some levi's jeans.

  10. i went to the doctor so she could look at this bump i had on my wrist. turns out it's nothing, a galskjdfklasdj cyst, and she gave me a wrist brace to wear for an unrelated matter. and she gave me a flu shot.

  11. i was asked to perform for a company's christmas party, where we will dress up like elves and get paid cash money.

  12. i took lots of pictures.

  13. i wore a bow tie.



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