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is anyone out there?
i've been publishing to my new blog for like a week, but i miss livejournal. isn't that sad? nobody's commenting on my shit, and then i'm like "i'm no longer relevant!" even though that's not true. maybe it is.

i got a onesie for hanukkah. it has sports equipment on it.

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I read it. I'm subscribed on my RSS feed, which I mostly read on my iPad, which is a pain to type on. So I never comment. So, there ya' go.

You are relevant! I'm too busy playing with my new voodoo doll to get much responding done these days... But I've been reading!

you guys are the best. mostly i wanted to make sure that everything was set up properly, in terms of LJ and wordpress and blah blah. i wouldn't want to lose you guys, in cyberspace. :)

I read it! I subscribe to it as an LJ feed, though, which adds an extra step for commenting. And I've been quite busy, so my commenting in general has been sort of limited. But I read it! And I <3 your journals more than I can say!

I do, whole words and sentences as a matter of fact. I also read your wordpress blog, but for some reason I'm commenting here, which is exactly the opposite of where you are desirous of my commments. Isn't that ironic?...paradoxical?...incongruent?...peculiar? I'm sure it's one or more of those things. Pretty sure anyway.

The end.

I've also RSS'd it. Be aware that if someone comments on the feed instead of clicking through, you apparently have to come back to LJ to read the comments. Heather told me about that. Not that I've commented. :-)

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