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the year of giving, month 12.
well, this is the end. i decided to write this final year of giving blog post on livejournal, for no better reason other than that i'm ocd and i want all this shit to be in the same place.

so there was a huge forest fire earlier this month in my parents' hometown of haifa, israel. and it was devastating and more than 40 people died and it's just terrible terrible. so for my last month of giving, i'm going back to my roots and donating money to help with fire relief efforts.

and that's it! the year of giving is over!

now i have to come up with another new year's resolution for next year. maybe i'll continue this project. the only annoying thing about this year's resolution is all the mail i'm getting now from every organization i've donated to. i think i even got a letter from the jewish national fund, which is the organization that plants trees. TREES. they're sending me PAPER! i hate the world.

anyway, let's see what happens. in the meantime, read all about lindsay lohan and other things (as if there is anything else to read about) in my new and improved (slightly) blog on wordpress.

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I am probably going to steal your idea for the year of giving and do it this year. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!!


All can be

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