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i wrote a thing!
i think the syndication feature of my bloggity blog blah blah isn't working, because i wrote a thing and it's not updating to here. but heyyy, i wrote a thing. you can find it here. if you're so inclined.

in other news, this is funny.

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Ok, I wanted to post there because I am totally team Megan Hilty (blonde) because I really like her and she's fucking fantastically talented.. but the writing is pooooooooooooooooooooooop. And also, a season of putting on the show would be way more better than a season of casting. Gughahgia.

i think i'm team blonde, too, because give the girl a break! she's been in the chorus for 10 years! she's a STARRRRRR.

i basically just quoted a line from that show. that's how terrifically bad the writing is.

I have no idea what I just watched, but I loved it.

I think I like it....or not. Love the singing and dancing and watching actors I admire, hate the writing. Fan of Megan, but love Katharine's voice. I'll probably continue to watch it...I think.

...I keep coming back to watch the Chloe Sevigny video. I am borderline-obsessed with the way s/he says "Val-ee-un-teen's Dee". And the phrase "what are your events?" What is even happening?

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